Are you and your company prepared for the future?

New work, diversity, digital, agile, VUCA, mindfulness, women…?

Change is not made just with a workshop on unconcious bias or agile leadership.

If you’re ready to make some real change, we’re here to walk the talk with you.

Let's do this!

We enable your organization to sustainably establish, strengthen & anchor a culture that meets the current and future needs.

  • We guide you through the challenges of New Work
  • It’s all VUCA to you? We can help you understand
  • Bring the CoWomen spirit in-house
  • Get your organization ready to meet market challenges by becoming more collaborative
  • Find out what people in your company really want & how to make it happen
  • Become a more attractive employer
  • Rethink your investment strategy and invest in your most important asset: your employees

Are you ready?

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Let's do this!

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Understand how female your business is

  • We guide you to understand how attractive your company is for female employees
  • Together we raise the right questions in order to understand your gaps
  • We find individual & suitable measures to help you become more female to be better prepared to innovate and face challenges

Make your women thrive to help your organization grow

  • We advise you how to be successful in business by building a gender-balanced culture
  • We support you in training impactful female leaders
  • We facilitate the right measures and accomplish the activities together with you

Build a network to foster female business

  • We guide you to develop the full potential of your female team
  • We connect you with the networks you need to thrive
  • We implement sustainable measures

About us & CoWomen

We are Sara-Marie Wiechmann & Hannah Dahl. In search of new working environments and role models, we founded CoWomen together with Kat Brendel: the first community club & coworking space for women in Germany. CoWomen’s vision is to create an inspiring place where women can come together to change the world of work, even the world.

Before founding CoWomen, we spent many years gaining experience in consulting institutions, process and project management, and leading teams.

What women want and need in the (working) world is our big driver in everyday life and communication.

More about CoWomen

Harness the full potential of your female leaders with our CoWomen Circle!

Are you a female leader, a woman in charge or do you want to support the female leaders in your company? The CoWomen Circle for kickass female leaders is the perfect program to boost the full potential of female leadership!

Female Leaders Circle

Let’s make business female together for a stronger economy & society!

Real change takes time, don't wait any longer...

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