We can only make real changes with a great team! We are happy to have the support of experienced consultants* and mentors*.

Our mission is to strengthen women in organisations and companies in their positions, make them be seen and empower.

The founders

The founders of making business female know what moves women in the (working) world and how companies make their female talent successful and greater.

Sara-Marie Wiechmann and Hannah Dahl combine the experiences as women in charge as well as in overall personnel and company development.

As founders of CoWomen, the first coworking space for women in Germany, we also know the challenges and opportunities as entrepreneurs.

As senior consultants, we have both managed major projects and developed and trained skills in process management. We combine our experience as women with professional and disciplinary responsibility as well as in interdisciplinary personnel and corporate development. In close cooperation with the Executive Board, we have developed, presented and introduced HR development concepts and actively supported the restructuring of corporate divisions.

We enter into discourse with politicians and companies on the topics of female business and women in leadership.

In talks, speeches and on panels, we talk about everything that moves women in business and about corporate culture, especially in the context of New Work.

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