We develop our interactive workshops and trainings on the basis of behavioural economics knowledge and our experience of effective methods for the relevant goals.

Our broad range of interactive workshops and products is designed to drive systemic and individual change. We focus on changing processes and “rules of the game” so that employees are trained for success.

Employees and managers learn to live the processes that drive sustainable change and shape the culture.

Topics & Content

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Feminine Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Analysis & Audit
  • Female Networks
  • Mentoring
  • Sponsorship
  • Female Networks
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Female Leaders Circle
  • Female Talent Workshops
  • Individual OKRs & careerplanning
  • Goalsetting
  • Speaking
  • Code of conduct


"Reducing the impact of unconscious bias on personnel decisions is one of the most important factors in increasing the proportion of women in corporate management teams."- Linda Dauriz, partner, McKinsey

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people.

Everyone has unconscious beliefs, and these prejudices result from the tendency to organize social worlds by categorization. For example, we put the perceived world into pigeonholes in order to be able to react faster to new information. Certain scenarios can activate unconscious attitudes and beliefs.

This bias exists primarily between women and men, as these are anchored in the basic pillars of society. These traditional ideas need to be broken down.

There are studies that show that training on Unconscious Bias may not have the desired effect. If the trainings bring systemic and cultural changes, we can achieve something with them! We use behavioural economic findings, change processes and behavioural designs and support our training with follow-ups and iterations. This is how we create success!

Durch unbewusste Vorurteile in Beurteilungsprozessen besteht die Gefahr, dass vor allem Frauen in ihren Karrieren bereits bei der Auswahl und anschließend bei der Bewertung und Beförderung benachteiligt werden.

Die Workshops haben zum Ziel, dass eine inklusivere Kultur hinsichtlich Anstellungen und Beurteilungen gefördert und so der Grundstein für einen höheren Anteil von Frauen auf allen Ebenen gelegt wird.

Vor allem für Mitarbeitende, die an Personalentscheidungen beteiligt sind, ist das Unconscious Bias-Training zielführend, um die Grundlage für eine inklusive Unternehmenskultur zu schaffen.

Durch Trainings und die Schaffung von mehr Bewusstsein über vorherrschende Verzerrungen, lassen sich Situationen häufiger identifizieren und Vorurteile verringern. Dies ist die Basis für mehr inklusive Diversität im Unternehmen.

Zudem bedarf es einheitlicher Prozesse, um nachhaltig gerechtere Entscheidungen zu treffen.

The employees

  • learn what unconscious bias is.
  • learn why and what biases are good for and where they come from.
  • gain knowledge about how biases work, especially on hiring processes and career planning.
  • develop in small groups what prejudices prevail, especially about women and men.
  • work out interactively realisable solutions.

Feminine Entrepreneurial Mindset

A female mindset has a tendency to take more social groups into account when it comes to making new products. But innovation doesn’t just happen by offering more diversity or let’s say hiring more women. It is certainly not enough to merely HAVE women in these places. They and in the end everyone needs the right environment to be innovative. A work environment where they can be their best selves, be self-learners, self-managers, self-creators and (this is the hardest one) be self-starters rather than wait their turn.

An entrepreneurial mindset helps us think forward, wanting to progress within our possibilities, wanting to improve and to solve problems and being resilient when it comes to challenges as they are more perceived as natural and solvable.

Read more in our article “Count on women when it comes to fostering entrepreneurial mindset”

"In a changing world of work, development is essential for everyone."- Christiane Funken, professor of sociology and author of "Sheconomy"

Female Leaders Circle

We have developed a unique Circle, which specifically strengthens and develops female future executives.

With our expertise and experience, we have designed a program that helps women advance their careers in a sustainable manner: Over a period of four to six months, we can provide the best possible support to ensure appropriate and sustainable development.

A Female Leaders Circle took place at CoWomen in 2019.

Workshops with expert knowledge from trainers and practical exercises.

Accountability with follow-up session
Regular follow-ups take place digitally, so that participation from anywhere is possible.

Breakfast & Accountability Group
Breakfast on selected Mondays to have breakfast together with the whole CoWomen community, to exchange information about progress in a targeted and guided way and to start the week with inspiration.

Membership CoWomen Community
Women are part of the CoWomen Community and can participate in other events, get access to the digital member area and special offers. The best: The member newsletter!

During the whole circle we are available as accompaniment.

The Circle usually takes place at CoWomen in Berlin-Mitte: The Community Club & Coworking Space for women. Here they find the space, atmosphere, energy and network to unfold.

We bring the Circle to you too! We come regularly to your premises and bring our methods and trainers.

Female Talent Workshops

Giving women their own space and encouraging them to engage in a targeted exchange promotes a feeling of belonging, visibility and being heard.

We offer formats such as workshops or dinners, for example, including short impulses on topics such as work-life integration or career planning.

The objective is to effectively connect the women. We also gain insights into the current status and situation of women in the company and their visibility. We determine the female potential.

The result is an mbf short concept with recommendations for action to remain attractive for women as employers and to bring more women to all management levels. The Female Talent format gives women in your company a special voice and space.

We have the perfect solution for your company!

With experience and expertise we find the trainings that will take you to the next level.

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Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias = Unbewusste Vorurteile, Voreingenommenheit. Unconscious Biases sind soziale Stereotypen über bestimmte Gruppen von Menschen.

Jeder Mensch hat unbewusste Überzeugungen, und diese Vorurteile resultieren aus der Tendenz, soziale Welten durch Kategorisierung zu organisieren. Wir stecken beispielsweise die wahrgenommene Welt in Schubladen, um schneller auf neue Informationen reagieren zu können. Bestimmte Szenarien können dabei unbewusste Einstellungen und Überzeugungen aktivieren.

Diese Voreingenommenheit existiert vor allem zwischen Frauen und Männern, da diese in den Grundpfeilern der Gesellschaft verankert sind. Diese tradierten Vorstellungen gilt es aufzubrechen.

Es existieren Studien, dass Trainings zu Unconscious Bias nicht den gewünschten Effekt haben. Wenn die Trainings Veränderungen bringen, dann können wir damit auch was erreichen! Wir nutzen verhaltensökonomische Erkenntnisse, verändern auch Prozesse und Verhaltensdesigns und unterstützen unsere Trainings mit Follow-Ups und Iterationen. So gestalten wir Erfolg!